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Customer Introduction

E-Scooter in Micromobility

Ninebot, a leading brand in micromobility for short distances worldwide, has always been on the verge of IoT transformation. As a pioneer adopting eSIM for better mobile experience for end users and innovative solutions for clients in shared mobility, SIM.Express was selected to be its best CSP partner to deliver eSIM APIs as a service, its global IoT business is now streamlined with one single eSIM SKU across the whole deployment process, enabling flexible remote switch of MNOs and MVNOs as they ship to different countries and regions, and OTA management of global connected e-scooters ensures reliable network for incredible user experience, as well as efficient on boarding with instant connectivity once device is switched on any time anywhere, bringing the mobile connectivity for its vehicles to the next level in the journey of their rapid business growth, always staying ahead of its competitors.

Cellular IoT Challenges and Our Solutions

Challenges 1

Traditional connectivity solution fail to meet the needs

Mobile connectivity is critical in our rapidly growing IoT business at a global scale, while network infrastructure changes and uncontrollable QoS might cause huge loss in business rollouts.

Programmable and Sustainable Network with eSIM API

Using eSIM making cellular connectivity programmable and reprogrammable, to enable global device connectivity management from one eSIM SKU and one eSIM platform managed remotely, sustainable for later change or full control over network service.

Challenges 2

Connecting global operators is such a hassle

Deploying cellular-connected IoT devices around the world is complex, while traditional supply chain of IoT SIM requires negotiation with MNO or MVNO one by one, otherwise the permanent roaming is expensive.

Seamless and Borderless Connectivity

eSIM APIs offering dynamic switch of network of global MNOs and MVNOs, or flexibility of remote MNO/MVNO options based on device location, with easy access to local carrier offering eSIM network.

Challenges 3

Tedious testing process at manufacturing stage

Our global IoT business grows rapidly, while manufacturing domestically and shipped to different countries or regions, device connectivity testing with traditional SIM becomes such a hassle that requires plenty of negotiations and human labor each time when we onboard a new client in a new place.

Instant and borderless connectivity with pre-loade profile

With global profile pre-loaded at manufacturing stage, we offer plug & play connectivity that instantly connect once switching on your device, for IoT OEMs shipping globally, to onboard devices efficiently, no more testing troubles when device travel across the border.

Challenges 4

We need expertise in provisioning eSIM across deployment process

As the on boarding process requires a whole set of solution involving different parties, including SIM purchasing, compatibility test and software development and local network, one CSP covering all will fit our needs.

A compete end-to-end eSIM enablement

The thorough eSIM on boarding process covers them all, start with bootstrap connectivity at manufacturing stage, plug & play connectivity, and remote management of network with flexible MNO switching for device on the move or growing business, one eSIM SKU across the industrial chain for global deployment.

Grow together with us

Customer Introduction

IoT solution provider

IoT solution provider offering PLC chip installed on smart farming machine devices is looking into future-proof connectivity solution, to enable a streamlined process of  SIM purchasing, devices on boarding at a large scale, efficient integration with third-party CSPs offering network switching at signal loss in 15% areas that one operator couldn’t cover, all in one platform, rapid and reliable connectivity without complexity for negotiations with global CSPs or MNOs are critical at this stage as our business expanding rapidly to different countries, and an important factor to enhance our competitive edges among all IoT solution providers in PLC designed for smart intelligent connected devices.

Speed up IoT rollouts and stay ahead of competitors

Saved 50% TCO of the whole SIM lifecycle management

Eliminate SIM card manufacturing and lifecycle management, saved 50% TCO simply with digital eSIM downloads and management, remote network switching with programmable connectivity and streamlined global network management via a set of eSIM APIs.

No more fragmentation, efficient on boarding with one eSIM SKU

IoT firmware integration with our clients in different industries is usually a tedious process, now streamlined with IPA SDK embedded into device, supporting almost all OSs across our device OEM clients, efficient go-to-market solution for our IoT integration.

eSIM-equipped IoT solution set us apart from competitors

Upgraded demands from our clients to deploy massive IoT keep pushing us forward, to equip eSIM with our latest solution gave us a unique edge to stay ahead of competitors, in line with our mission to enable a more digitized IoT solution.

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