eSIM Dongle & 100MB local Data

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eSIM Starter Kit is targeted for developers who like to create projects with eSIM technology, The eSIM Dongle suit contains:

  • One eSIM dongle Hardware
  • One profile with 100MB of local data plan
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eSIM Starter Kit Overview

eSIM Starter Kit is targeted for developers who like to create projects with eSIM technology or for normal consumers that use our products to obtain convenience network connection.

eSIM Starter Kit is an open API platform based on eSIM technology with easy-to-use hardware and software for developers who are intended to understand eSIM working processes and create their own projects. It can be used by individuals as a standard eSIM product as well. 

eSIM technology is an evolution from current SIM technology. It enables the device to download a profile (data package released by Mobile Operator including ICCID, IMSI, Ki, and so on, originally stored in SIM card and Operator’s core network for subscriber identification.) to an eSIM card (eUICC) whenever and wherever it needs. The device interacts with the eSIM card stores profiles from MNO (Mobile Network Operator) as same as normal SIM cards and builds network connection based on the selected profile in the eSIM card. 

eSIM Whitepaper ( 


eSIM Starter Kit provides the simplest hardware and software for beginner and senior engineers to learn eSIM knowledge and create their own projects finally. All of these tools take the messy details of eSIM protocol programming and wrap it up in an easy-to-use package. eSIM Starter Kit also simplifies the process of working with mobile module and eSIM chip, but it offers some advantage for developers, interested amateurs over other systems:

  •  Inexpensive

eSIM Starter Kit hardware is relatively inexpensive compared to other commercial products. The main target of eSIM Starter Kit is to let people interested in eSIM technology have a platform to create innovative products, so the hardware is unprofitable. And the software is free to use.

  • Cross-platform

The software runs on Windows, Macintosh OSX, and Linux operating systems.

  • Open source and extensible software

eSIM Starter Kit provides develop SDK and open API, part of the software is open source. Experienced software engineers can build application controls in the process of eSIM provisioning by embedding the SDK into the application, extending the eSIM usage, and improving it.

Even relatively inexperienced users can build the application in order to understand how it works.


General Architecture

Before you start to play with your eSIM gadget, you need to understand the architecture of the eSIM Starter Kit.

There are four main parties in the end-to-end system:

1. Management Portal

The Management Portal grants you the ability to control your devices. You can:

a. Register your new device. Registration can let the management portal recognizes your devices.

b. Upload your Activation Code obtained from your suppliers to the portal. Our management portal will push the Activation Code to your designated equipment. This can enable connectivity on your device.

2. Management Platform Management platform is the core part of our product. All the information from the portal and terminal will be exchanged here, other than that, the management platform is in charge of maintaining link connection with the terminal and other value-added services.

3. Resource Suppliers

Resource Suppliers could be either mobile network operators like Vodafone, T-Mobile, or other virtual operators. All you need to do first is to obtain an Activation Code from your favorite suppliers. Here is a list of different suppliers:

We will provide you a taste Profile with 100MB of data for your location via email.

4. Dongle Hardware

The eSIM Starter Kit Dongle is the best product to get into the eSIM world. This product is designed for developers to use on their projects and users without much experience with eSIM. and support plug & play on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. It is better for users to understand the process of eSIM based on this small piece of hardware.

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    So cool eSIM dongle, easy to bring up eSIM feature

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